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Who we are


The Apostleship of the Sea Stella Maris Centre is specially concerned with foreign and Polish seafarers.

It supports seafarers of any nationality, regardless of race, colour, tradition or religion, through running the Stella Maris Centre Club in Gdynia and Sports and Recreation Centre in Kashubia.
The Club is open daily from 14:00-22:00, as well as on Sundays and holidays, it is a place of rest, relaxation and recreation for seafarers from all over the world. Through the ministry of chaplains, staff and volunteers, the club serves seafarers providing:

  • Hospitality - according to what Christ said: I was a stranger and you welcomed me (Mt 25,35).


  • Securing social needs - "a home away from home"


  • Solidarity - "everyone with everyone", "everyone for everyone". (Pope John Paul II)


Mission - "Love and acceptance of another is the first and second most effective form of evangelization". (Pope John Paul II)

A pastoral community that in it’s daily activities is trying to give evidence of love of neighbour, which is a fundamental precept of Christ's teaching.

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