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Spotkanie Regionalnych Koordynatorów Duszpasterstwa Ludzi Morza w Rzymie

W dniach 19-24 stycznia 2014 odbyło się w Rzymie spotkanie Regionalnych Koordynatorów Duszpasterstwa Ludzi Morza. Uczestniczyli oni w audiencji generalnej u Ojca Świętego Franciszka. W trakcie spotkań poruszono wiele ważny kwestii i wyzwań stojących przed Duszpasterstwem Ludzi Morza.

Na zakończenie spotkania została odprawiona Msza święta w Bazylice św. Piotra w Watykanie, przy grobie Błogosławionego Jana Pawła II. Mszę świętą koncelebrował ksiądz arcybiskup Joseph Kalathiparambil, Sekretarz Pontyfikalnej Rady ds. Duszpasterskiej Troski o Migrantów i Ludzi w Drodzę. Homilię wygłosił ojciec Edward Pracz Europejski Koordynator Duszpasterstwa Ludzi Morza. Poniżej zamieszczamy treść homili w języku angielskim:

The Homily

Holy Mass at the altar of Blessed John Paul II.

Feast of Saint Francis de Sales


Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

in 1978 the Pope was called from the Polish land. Who was, Who is the Blessed John Paul II is best witnessed by our presence here in this Place. Everybody thanks Him. They say: “He is the great man, He is the holy man, He is the gift from God, He is the sign to the world.” He is the sign for the Church, the great citizen of the world. So greatly did he bring the God’s love closer to man. The Pope’s visits to 130 countries translates in to a three-time trip round the world.

John Paul II travelled but not for pleasure, not to get to know unknown places but to encounter a human being and tell him that he cannot be understood without Christ. That is why we call his travelling – pilgrimaging.

As a pilgrimage he was a witness of the Gospel. He was the witness of Christ. When in 1987 He visited Gdynia the town on the Baltic Sea, He directed then deep and meaningful words to the people of the sea. He said that the sea tells the man about the need to search for one another. About the necessity to encounter and cooperation. About the necessity  of interpersonal and international solidarity… The sea became a special place of meeting of a human being with God. He expressed his joy that there is Apostleship of the Sea. He told us to remember that we are ambassadors of our own country and spokespersons for the values the nation lives. It requires from us the definite moral attitude when you contact atheist influences and with waves of corruption and depravation.

The people of the sea are grateful for the Pope’s Apostolic Letter “Motu Proprio” On the Maritime Apostolate. In this letter He underlines that “the Apostleship of the Sea is to support the work of the faithful who are called to witness to their Christian life in this sphere.” We have gathered here on the day of Saint Francis de Sales who is the Patron of the media and catholic writers to be witness of Jesus Christ in the context of life and teaching of the Blessed Pope John Paul II. We are aware that the best source of conveying the message is the human being himself. The human being – the witness. Today in the gospel we heard that Jesus Christ called those he wanted and they went with him to preach the good news.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

At the end of John Paul II life, there was a moment when He appeared in his Papal window he wanted to say something to the people gathered in St. Peter’s Square and all those in front of TV’s. He was not able to utter even one word. He only blessed the people. He did not say a word but He spoke through the witness of his life. We can be sure that our beloved Pope is standing today at the window of the Fathers house, that he sees us and blesses us. Yes, bless us, Holy Father. Bless our Apostleship of the Sea and people whom we serve.

May the Holy Virgin, the Star of the Sea to whom blessed John Paul II entrusted his life as “Totus Tuus” help us keep the proper course to the port of salvation – to the home of our Father.



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by Dr. Radut.